Thorndale Homes for Sale

Thorndale and area boasts various businesses and services including a bank, post office and library.

The Thorndale Lions Medical Centre and Thorndale IDA Pharmacy are available for health and wellness needs. Dr. Nicholas Masse opened the Thorndale Dental Centre in September 2013.

Recreationally, Thorndale has soccer and baseball fields, a skateboard park, tennis courts, a basketball court and playgrounds. Private businesses and clubs offer other fitness classes and activities. Today, anyone driving through Thorndale will notice the mural painted on the east wall of the feed mill, facing the railroad track.  In 1999, Dick and Trudy Nieuwland commissioned London artist, Fred Harrison, to paint a railroad scene as their way to help preserve the historical importance of the railway to the village of Thorndale. The rail system played an important role in the early development and growth of this little community. Many new homes are being built on country size lots, and many are calling Thorndale home while commuting to work in London or Woodstock.