Homes for Sale in Dorchester, ON

Wayne Jewell Sutton Diamond Realty offers homes for sale in Dorchester, London, St. Thomas and neighbouring communities. Our listings include luxury and custom homes, as well as properties perfect for the first-time homebuyer. Whether this is your first or tenth house purchase, here are points to keep in mind during the home buying process.

What to Look for in a Home

Beyond a house's aesthetics and size, there are several important things to look for. Are there any unpleasant odours such as sewage or mildew? These odours can be signs of significant issues. How well insulated is the house? In climates with extreme winters and summers, proper insulation is necessary. Is the plumbing intact? Look for signs of leaks under sinks as well as on walls and ceilings.

Another factor to consider is the home's roof. An old or damaged roof can cost a great deal to repair or replace, and the structural integrity of the property should also be carefully assessed. If any walls need to be shored up, for example, remediation measures can cost a small fortune, and the home may not be safe to stay in until repairs are done.

With these factors and more to consider when buying a home, it's beneficial to have an experienced realtor by your side. Our qualified agents will serve as a pair of trained eyes for you, watching for potential issues, both large and small. We will point out things you may overlook.

The Home Buying Process

It's a good idea to start your search early. Become familiar with what's available in your price range. Get to know the neighbourhoods and decide which ones appeal most to you and your family.

Get prequalified and preapproved for a loan, as sellers tend to favour buyers who are preapproved. With your real estate agent, visit as many homes as you can, comparing the condition, quality and features of each. Take your time, and be sure to evaluate each property in detail.

After you make an offer and it's accepted, get a home inspection, as this will uncover any potential issues that are not obvious. Meanwhile, work with a lender to secure a loan, and have the home appraised. Be sure to check with your realtor for any other details that need to be taken care of.

At Wayne Jewell Sutton Diamond Realty, our agents work hard to find the right home for you. Put our expertise to work. We take a true team approach, carefully listening to your needs while applying our knowledge to finding your dream home.